Torpedo 2000 DPV Review – Durable But Heavy


Torpedo 2000

The Torpedo 2000 diver propulsion vehicle is manufactured by a relatively unknown company in the DPV market, Torpedo Inc. A quick look at the models they manufacture shows us they have three variations of basically the same DPV. It seems the company does not produce anything else. If you are the type who is always rooting for the underdog, this Torpedo 2000 Scooteris the prototypical organization you should like to support, but if you are keener on purchasing a product that is backed by a warranty from a reputable company you may want to go down another path.

Buying from a smaller manufacturer is definitely not discouraged, but you should be careful to properly analyze the product. It’s best to try it out if you can before going ahead with an actual purchase. The Torpedo 2000 is not a model widely used by scuba divers, yet this is exactly the reason it should be reviewed. Divers need more information about the product before they can decide if it fulfills their requirements.


At $850, the Torpedo 2000 is the most inexpensive version of the three models produced by Torpedo Inc. The price places this underwater scooter in the mid-range market and although we won’t envision coming across any luxurious features, it is expected to offer some muscle and durability.

Depth Rating

The depth rating on the Torpedo 2000 (as well as the other two more expensive versions) is an extremely underwater towering 170 feet, which is slightly above what one would anticipate for an underwater device in this price range.

Battery Life

The run time on the battery is 80 minutes and usually the times stated by the manufacturers are based on average diving conditions. If you are going up against strong currents, you can expect that time to decline (like any other DPV for that matter). However, 80 minutes feels a bit low especially compared to the 120-minute run time on a slightly lower priced Sea-Doo Explorer X underwater scooter.


Another slightly disappointing feature with this diving scooter is a maximum speed of 2 mph. Leg and fin powered divers may be able to outpace this device in short bursts which is not a great quality at the price tag attached to Torpedo DPV. An interesting fact to note here is the more costly versions come with faster speeds going up to 3.5 mph, but reduce run time to a really disappointing 45 minutes.


The Torpedo series is designed with the idea of manufacturing the DPVs with negative buoyancy. The Torpedo 2000 checks in at negative 1.5 lbs. Although divers will generally prefer neutral buoyancy, some will relish the idea of posing down the underwater scooter, without having to worry about it moving away in the water, to free them up for closer inspections of marine life or perhaps some nice selfies (yes, this obnoxious habit has followed us to the depths of the oceanic floor).


This is not a lightweight dive scooter at 44 lbs, including the battery. The device doesn’t hold its weight compared to another machine at a similar price point, the Sea-Doo Explorer X, which weighs a feathery 32 lbs.

The Torpedo 2000 is a middle-class priced model with a few disappointing features. This machine is one that would require to be well tested by the user before plunging in to purchase it to ensure it is meeting the diver’s requirements and expectations.

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