Sea-Doo SeaScooter GTI Underwater Scooter Review – Well Designed Underwater Scooter


Sea-Doo SeaScooter GTI carries the Sea-Doo brand name, a Bombardier company well established in the recreational sports market, especially for off-road vehicles. But before you give too much credence to the name, you need to know this diver propulsion device (DPV) is manufactured by Daka Development under license from Bombardier. This doesn’t necessarily imply the underwater scooter is not well manufactured, but it does mean a review of the product has to be more meticulous.

Cost, Depth and Speed

At approximately $350 retail price, the Sea-Doo Sea Scooter GTI is close to being an entry-level underwater scooter. With this price tag, you may rightfully believe this Sea-Doo SeaScooter GTI Underwater Scootermachine won’t get you anywhere fast or anywhere deep, but it actually has a standard 100 feet depth level rating and was taken down to 115 feet by a user without any problems.

However, the advertised speed of up to 2.5 mph is probably only reachable if you are kicking with your fins or if the underwater device is being handled by a young teen. You could outpace it if you are swimming fast, but this would leave you breathless fairly quickly. The DPV scooter may get you there slowly, but at least you won’t be sucking empty your air tank so it does help your dive. However, there are no chances you will be doing any underwater aquabatics with this device which may be what you desire if you want to hand it over to your adrenalin-seeking teenager.


Battery life is supposed to be a fair 90 minutes, but depending on the conditions, the dive scooter may or may not last so long. There are a number of factors going into how much run time you can get out of your device and if you are in a shallow area with little current you won’t have trouble reaching 90 minutes run time. If you are diving deeper, especially if there are stronger currents, be careful since you don’t want to lug the scooter to your boat.

The Sea Doo GTI battery has been known to give up after 40 minutes of strenuous usage. Another issue raised regarding the battery was its durability as some users have reported it was great during the first season, but would only last 15 to 20 minutes in season number 2. At least the replacement battery is not too expensive.

Other Characteristics

Neutral buoyancy is another minor issue with this underwater propulsion device. Experienced divers have added up to 3 lbs to improve on the buoyancy or tack on some extra weights on their weight belt.

The warranty by Sea-Doo is valid for six months and that’s a bit short because for some of us, diving season is not all year round so you only get to use it in one season before the warranty expires. The dive propulsion vehicle is safely designed with a rigid grid around the propeller. It comes with a nice bag which can help carry the compact design and lightweight device (18 lbs with battery), so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket when it comes with you on a flight.

Overall, the Sea Doo GTI is a well designed underwater scooter ideally suited to shallow diving and snorkeling. It’s not top of the line, but for the price it’s available at, it’s a reasonable propulsion device.

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