Sea-Doo SD6545X VS Supercharged “Plus” Sea Scooter – Lightweight But


You can think of the Sea-Doo SD6545X VS Supercharged Plus as a “supercharged” budget diver propulsion vehicle (DPV). During’s underwater scooter sale, you may purchase it for a low price of around $450, but make no mistake this “supercharged” DPV is clearly in the budget category. Sea-Doo has experience Sea-Doo SD6545X VS Supercharged "Plus" Sea Scootermanufacturing low-priced DPVs so one surety you have is you won’t be throwing away your money by purchasing this recreational vehicle for casual diving. However, if you need to explore deep and long underwater caves, stop right here and go browse through some high-end models.


At its original price of $650, this Sea Doo diver propulsion vehicle would definitely not be worth a purchase, but at $450 it is priced just right for what it delivers. Unlike some other low-end seadoo diver propulsion vehicles, this is not a toy for a pool. The “plus” in the name might be a sign it is just beyond a budget DPV, which is accurate, but it does not offer a lot more. It is definitely not a gadget which will please veteran divers who need a little more functionality from their underwater propulsion vehicles.


This model comes with a two-level variable speed control and can reach a speed of 3 miles per hour (mph) on its fastest setting. This top speed is slightly more than what is offered in inexpensive models (around 2.5 mph). As this is a budget DPV, it may be a bit difficult to reach the top level if you are pulling a lot of weight. However, the DPV performed reasonably well to help propel an adult diver in strong currents. Although it should not be used for anything else, but going in a straight line below the surface. Forget doing loops and other stunts with this device. If you are diving just to sight-see a coral reef at slow speed and want a machine which will cut out the swimming effort, it will suit your needs perfectly.


Depth Level and Battery Life

The Sea-Doo VS Supercharged Plus has an advertised depth level of 100 feet, which is exactly what budget models offer. In this case, you are not getting anything extra for the $100 you are paying beyond the cost of a cheaper version at around $350. The battery life is also standard for a budget DPV. The manufacturer claims a 90-minute run time, but remember it is usually tested in ideal conditions. Never roam too far from your boat or the shoreline when you are propelling underwater with the aid of this device.

Weight and Craftsmanship

The weight is one characteristic which you will enjoy, since this DPV tips the scales at a relatively light 18 pounds. This makes it a great device to use if you are on a beach dive, because it won’t feel like you have to lug around a heavy load. You won’t get to your dive spot, wheezing already and depleting your oxygen much quicker than you would like to.
On the other hand, the light weight is because the materials used are cheap compared to higher quality models. You will find the material used for the body, switches and handles seems a bit flimsy. Do not expect the underwater propulsion device to last you more than a handful of years, like top-end models which have survival rates of up to 20 years.


The scooter has a speed adjustment trigger on the left handle and the power switch on the right handle, but to adjust the speed you need to simultaneously press both triggers. This can be a bit annoying during the dive since both your hands are tied up holding the scooter. While this may be mostly fine, sometimes you need a free hand to adjust things, like your buoyancy, checking your dive computer or air gauge or to equalize.

The Sea-Doo SD6545X VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter is a good buy if you want a budget DPV for casual diving. Beyond that, look for an alternative.

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