Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater SeaScooter – Top Model?


The Sea Doo SD15001 RS1 is the top model offered by Sea Doo, a company operated by Bombardier, a well-respected organization in the recreational vehicle industry. The company manufactures a few great budget underwater scooter options, but their RS2 model, mid-range model, was slightly disappointing as it didn’t seem to offer substantial value for the price tag it comes with. The RS1 is even more expensive so expectations are running high on what this diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) has to offer. It certainly is the Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater SeaScooter most expensive Sea Doo model, so we hope to experience the company’s best under scooter.


The suggested MSRP for the RS1 is $1,449.99, but you should never pay the full price as you can generally find a diver propulsion vehicle sale on at least a couple of websites promoting these products. While doing my research, I did find the RS1 on sale for as low as $1,017.95, with shipping charges of $41.37 in the US. This price classifies the RS1 as a low mid-range DPV and our expectations will be in line with this categorization.


The RS1’s speed can be controlled by a 3-gear mechanism and reaches a top speed of 4.35 miles per hour (mph), muscled by 500W of power. Now, that is impressive. Even top of the line DPVs rarely display this type of lighting speed.

You may not need the fast gear when checking out coral reefs or going through small crevices in an underwater cave, but it is reassuring to know your underwater scooter can get you to places fast. In open water, it may be quite a blast to spin and roll and perform more underwater aquabatic tricks.

Battery & Weight

The speed this DPV can reach had us slightly concerned about battery output since we worried the high speed may drain energy too quickly. Surprisingly, the run time advertised for the DPV is 90 minutes and given the power it packs and the speed it can pull, this is more than satisfactory.

Better yet, the strength of the battery doesn’t come due to its size and weight, but rather its lithium-ion technology which besides the power keeps this underwater scooter’s weight at a minimal 20.5 pounds.

At seven hours recharge time, the battery does take a bit longer to charge compared to other devices. We are willing to forgo this slight bleak, as the type of weight-speed-run time combination this DPV is endowed with is unheard of among underwater scooters, so the RS1 scores some big points with these features.

Other Features

The RS1, like the other two DPVs in the RS series has a great design giving it a futuristic and aerodynamic look. It comes with a self-filling ballast hull which makes the device neutrally buoyant. Intelligent placement of drain holes permits water to enter and exit quickly so it can almost instantaneously assume neutral buoyancy as it is submerged and expel water as it resurfaces.

Unfortunately, the warranty for RS1 is 6 months, which is the same for the cheap budget version DPVs that Sea Doo offers and we would definitely be a lot more comfortable if we had at least a 12-month warranty for a device that will cost us over a thousand dollars. Overall though, this is a product which is quite worth its price tag.

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