Sea-Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter Review – Excellent For the Leisurely Diver


The Sea-Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter is an underwater diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) sold by Bombardier under their Sea-Doo brand. Bombardier is a company name synonymous with great off-road vehicles and they have numerous DPV scooters under their belt so we can rely somewhat on their design and manufacturing experience. Still, it’s important to properly review a product to ensure it meets your expectations and needs.


The Sea-Doo Explorer X is definitely above the entry-level point for underwater propulsion devices. At approximately $750, you have to expect it to get you out of the kiddy Sea-Doo-Explorer-Xpool and into the open waters. Although the price tag is still below high-end products, you will be dishing out enough cash to expect some serious performance from this diving scooter. Some users have reported being skeptical before using this product, which is confusing since it is built by a reputable company and is not a cheap $200 entry-level underwater propeller device.

Depth Rating

The depth level for this DPV is rated at 160 feet. This is way beyond the 100 feet basic level you get for similar priced models and users have said it works great at this depth. At least one diver has gone down to almost 170 feet without noticing any issues. Although, I wouldn’t recommend taking this scooter to the deeper depth, it sure is reassuring to know someone has tried it out without any problems and the device is built solidly enough to sustain the pressure. It bodes well for the overall quality and craftsmanship of the Sea-Doo Explorer X.

Battery Life

A two-hour run time definitely classifies this diving scooter in the high end range without the accompanying price tag. The battery life does live up to its potential in normal circumstances and even while running at top speed you can easily get at least 90 minutes’ run time from it. This is a great performance by the battery. You won’t have to worry about your battery running out before your air tank is depleted or your dive time is over with this little monster. A word of caution for all divers is to carry a replacement battery and change it before going in to your second dive. This safety precaution is just part of being an intelligent diver.


Another great feature for the price is a top speed of 3.3 mph. Of course, you won’t be reaching this if you are lugging around a lot of weight, but you can easily cruise the deep sea at decent speeds with this diving scooter. It may not come equipped with electronic speed controls which high end DPV’s have, but you are not paying anywhere close to what they charge. What you do get with the Sea-Doo Explorer X is a variable three-speed control giving you enough flexibility to slow down or speed up as the need may be.

Other Features

The weight of this underwater DPV is 32 lbs, including the battery, which is highly reasonable for the power it packs. It can’t be carried around by a young teen, but shouldn’t be much trouble for an average adult, even when going for some shore dives. The underwater propulsion device is also equipped with a smart depressurization technology once you are back at the surface.

The Sea-Doo Explorer X is not a top of the line model, but it has some great attributes and is priced right. Its fantastic value for the price and it’s definitely an underwater scooter which should be considered by the average leisurely diver.

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  1. I have done the testing over nearly a hundred hours and 20 of the explorer X and RS series.
    The explorer X at full speed (top gear) has a run time of 50 minutes. Anyone saying anything else is presenting printed information per company line and not fact. I am presenting fact.
    Because of confidentialiyt concerns I cannot disclose my location or name. I will tell you this, it is the best choice for overall performance of the Sea Doo Seascooters made. The RS! and @ have only 25 minutes of straight hi speed time. AND WHEN THE RS IS DEAD , IT IS DEAD. So be close to the boat or have a pick up plan then enjoy.
    On and off use of any scooter will extend the life. The lithium Ion battery of the RS is light and powerful with some 1500 cycles of recharging cycles. The Explorer X suppose to be 250-300 cycles for the gel lead acid battery. But when the battery dies in high gear, middle gear will you 6 minutes, and low gear then after will give 6 minutes. Let it rest and some battery life comes back. What saving grace. Heavy and requires attention to maintenance, especially soaking in a trash can of fresh water then spraying any exposed metal with protectant …esp the rear prop screw. The inner trigger springs will corrode if not rinsed well and salt residue left on them. Easy to access and fix though. O-RING MAINTENANCE!!! That’s the key. Don’t use anything but silicone gel or grease. Hope thios was helpful

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