Best Caribbean Dive Destinations


If you have enjoyed scuba diving under a huge body of water, you might find yourself trying to discover new spots for this activity. Particularly if you’ve dived in the Caribbean before, you definitely want to explore other locations in the same area for more fun and experience. The Caribbean is a popular place for divers. There are several spots for you to try out on your next vacation.

  • Bonaire

Bonaire, one of the three islands that form the ABC islands, it is less visited and the most natural of the three. You see, it was formed years ago by volcanic eruptions. Pristine reefs still Bonaire Divingsurround the island to date and are sure to make your diving experience memorable. The buddy dive resort is a great area for you to rest as you anticipate each day. From buddy, you can shore dive with your buddy once you are ready, which is the advantage here. In most places, you have to wait for everyone to gear up so the boat can sail you to a good spot. Entry points are marked with a yellow stone and dot the island making Bonaire one of the best shore diving destinations in the Caribbean.

Enjoy diving the close reef (Approx 15 feet from shore) and up to 100 feet in visibility. Bonaire offers about 60 spots in which you can dive. You are sure to see yellowhead jawfishs, seahorses and frogfish as you move onward.

  • Bahamas

This is a great place for diving because you meet giant turtles and see thick coral laces. There are sharks too, and many operators offer shark feeding dives.  The Gulf Stream allows big game fish to come around which keep the sharks well fed. Paradise Island and Green Turtle Cay are the two famous islands in the area. If you love solitude or non-crowded areas, the latter provides that; you can even find secluded beaches with your dive Shark Feedingbuddy. These islands have hidden nooks and intriguing caves you can explore. Just to mention a few, there are barracudas, manta rays and lionfishes here. If you are a novice, this is the place you should go. Meet Brendal Stevens, a native who will help you overcome your fears and get a certification. He has recruited many dive masters from around the world.

  • Honduras

Honduras is great for scuba diving. You can dive up to four times a day at Anthony’s Key Resort. If you pay extra, you can get to dive at night. Fun! if you plan to spend your time in this resort, you will be assigned a boat and the necessary gear that should serve you from the day you report till the day you leave.  The bottom line is to allow you as much time in the sea as you want.

HondurasIn this spot, you will see shipwrecks, whale sharks and turtles. The resort offers training to novices too, so you can get your certification from here. Horseback riding, snorkel trips and on-site zip lining are such activities non-divers can embark on.

  • Grand Cayman

You can camp at the Sunset House in Grand Cayman Island. It has one of the best entry points at the shore. Get to dive with other fun people at stingray city. There are coral reefs in this area, but no beach. Not to worry though, there’s a restaurant, sea pool and Jacuzzi among other features to compensate for this.

Where else can you get more fun than in the Caribbean? Meet new people, explore the many diving spots and enjoy the adventure!


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