Benefits of Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicles for Recreational Diving


If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, you may have heard of dive propulsion vehicles. These devices may have been part of James Bond movies, but they are no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction. There is something clearly fascinating about dive propulsion vehicles as they seem to be rising steadily in popularity among average scuba divers and even beginners are eager to try them out. These underwater propulsion devices can significantly enhance your leisurely dives in various ways:

Explore Larger Areas

Whether you are exploring a deep cave or an out-stretched coral reef, using a vehicle which provides you underwater propulsion will increase the area you can cover in a single Recreational Diver Propulsion Vehicledive. Being mechanically propelled underwater can allow you to cover greater distances then your own muscle powered swimming. The vehicle is more efficient and doesn’t tire or run out of breath. Motorized propelling is definitely speedier than swimming on your own, for obvious reasons.

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By allowing a diver propulsion vehicle to push you through the water, you do not have to focus on swimming or keeping yourself neutrally buoyant. This lets you focus your attention on the magnificent underwater world you are exploring. You can get close up to the reefs and scour them for organisms you wanted to see during your dive.

Dive Calmly

The benefits of using diving propulsion technology are not limited to just a greater area covered while in the water, but also more relaxed diving and exploration. The reduced stress is due to not having to work as hard kicking to dive deeper or go faster, especially if you are swimming against strong currents. The underwater diver propulsion vehicle will “push” you through the water without much effort on your behalf, apart from steering. Over time and with experience, you will not even think about steering the propulsion vehicle as it would feel like an extension of your body.

Long Dives

As you do not have to exert any extra effort underwater due to the assistance of a diving propulsion vehicle, your body does not need as much oxygen. When you are swimming via your own power, the exercise will invariably cause you to get more tired than when you are “pushed” by an underwater vehicle propulsion device. As you tire yourself, you need to Diver Tug Propulsion Vehicledraw longer and deeper breaths, depleting your oxygen tank more quickly and reducing the time you can safely be underwater. Without the need to kick yourself through the water, your breathing will stay stable, decreasing consumption of the oxygen from your gas tank and increasing your maximum dive time.

Dive Propulsion Vehicle Modifications

Basic underwater propulsion devices come with no attached equipment, but certain models can be adapted to include special tools like forward-mounted lights. This can further improve your dive experience and allow you to see better due to improved lighting. Video camera housings on propulsion devices can allow you to capture those amazing underwater moments on film and create memories you will cherish for life.

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  1. Awesome article and I love your niche!
    Like 10 years ago I did a lot of scuba diving but never used one of these propulsion vehicles. I remember that I could get a lot of different degrees in different ways of diving. (think about ice-diving and wild-water advanced degree. I was wondering: Do you need a certain degree before you can use these things?

    Greats Tijmen

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