Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W Diver Propulsion Vehicle with SLA Battery & Charger


Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 U/W Diver Propulsion Vehicle DPV Scooter with SLA Battery & Charger

The Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 is a DPV that is part of a long line of underwater scooter’s developed by Japanese manufacturer Apollo Japan. The company has been producing diving equipment since the mid- 1960s and manufactured its first underwater diving propulsion device in 1988. Apollo Japan experienced great success with its first underwater scooter and has not looked back since, introducing innovative design concepts in the industry.

Japanese Innovation

The Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2’s innovative features do not disappoint as it one of the rare devices that can work on dual battery technology. The underwater scooter can be powered up with a lithium-ion battery or a standard sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This function alone makes the Apollo AV-2 an intriguing option.

Another interesting feature of this device is the saddle wings. Besides yourself, the wings can be used to pull two additional people. With the SLA battery, you get 10% more torque so you do not get the drop in speed and battery life you would expect with a device pulling three people rather than just one person. This is quite an engineering feat achieved by the Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2.

A third unique feature that can provide a bit of fun is the option to change propeller angle. You can select three different angles to help you move in the right direction and speed.

Other Features

The underwater scooter has one of the highest depth ratings in the industry at 230’. It has actually been tested at 300’ so you can be assured the device is reliable at this depth level.
The run time on the battery is 70 to 110 minutes, one of the few times a manufacturer acknowledges that battery life depends on a variety of factors. Credit should be given to Apollo Japan for not just stating the battery life is 110 minutes like many manufacturers who only provide the top run times expected in ideal conditions.

The design of the DPV allows you to straddle it and ride hands-free. This feature combined with the equipment’s high-powered machinery will let you loop around in the water and practice other “aquabatic” moves. You can behave like a dolphin by twisting and turning underwater or copy a manta ray and soar in the water.

Overall Impression

We have found the Apollo AV-2 Evolution 2 DPV with an SLA battery and charger for approximately $2,700 on Amazon. Given the powerful performance features of this device, it is definitely worth the price if you are a serious scuba diver who enjoys using underwater scooters.

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