Advantages and Disadvantages of the See Doo Diver Propulsion Vehicle



For scuba divers, the chance to get the most out of your exploration is limited by several factors which include the depth, current conditions, availability of light, the extent of the oxygen in the tank, and your own endurance as you swim under the waves. The Sea Doo Diver Propulsion Vehicle allows you to extend your own endurance and reach new places that were not possible in a single dive without assistance.

What is the Sea Doo Diver Propulsion Vehicle?

Essentially, it is a miniature motor with propeller that you hold onto as it pulls you along underwater. The concept of the Sea Doo and similar devices have been around for several decades and may be mostSea Doo familiar to those who love James Bond movies. Until recently, such devices were extremely limited because traditional batteries and materials made it a short-lived unit that didn’t accomplish much.

However, thanks to advances in technology combined with lightweight, but strong material devices like the Sea Doo now exist and have made this form of transportation underwater quite fashionable. While you may not fancy yourself as James Bond or one of his villains, you can now explore far more of the undersea world thanks to propulsion vehicles like the Sea Doo.


There are considerable advantages for those who scuba dive regularly to own one of these devices. They also make for an excellent rental if you are exploring relatively shallow areas.

More Exploration: The biggest advantage that devices such as the Sea Doo diver propulsion vehicle offer is their ability to pull you along effortlessly while you spend less energy under the waves. This means that you can explore greater areas of the underwater world whether it is in the ocean, lake, or other large bodies of water. Because you are being pulled along, you will not have to use your muscles to swim as much which in turn extends your endurance.

Small Size: Because devices like the Sea Doo are relatively small, you can easily maneuver them where you like along coral reefs or underwater trenches. The device itself is easy to control and its compact nature along with adjustable speed means you can speed up or slow down so you can see what you want at the right distances and pace.

Faster: This form of motorized propulsion means that you can go faster compared to swimming which itself is an advantage. You can cover areas that do not interest you at a faster pace so you can reach the locations that you really want to see.

Use Less Oxygen: Because you are not working your muscles nearly as hard, you are using less oxygen and thus can stay longer underwater. This helps extend your adventure and enjoyment so you can get more out of each dive. Plus, stable breathing helps you to stay relaxed and focused on where you want to go and not get distracted by getting tired when you swim.

Relaxed Adventure: Because you are not having to use your muscles nearly as much, you can relax and Sea Doo Dolphinenjoy the adventure that this propulsion vehicle is providing. The reduced work means a lowering of stress, especially when heading into swift currents. Because you are only working to steer the device, you can relax more and enjoy what you see around you. This creates a better overall experience for you and your exploration as you can view the amazing world around you all while being pulled along at your own pace.

It is true that over time you will feel like the Sea Doo diver propulsion vehicle is really an extension of your own body. The good news is that it does not take long to get used to how the device works and you can set your own pace until you become comfortable with steering and letting it take you where you want to go. Plus, you can add lights or make other modifications if the device allows for it so you can go on even more adventures underwater and record it on your own waterproof video camera.


Despite all the advantages that this device offers, there are a few concerns that you will need to consider before purchasing or renting this device.

Limit of 30 Feet: This device is only operable down to 30 feet which is plenty for many dives, but there are many others where you will leave it behind. For deeper dives, you may not use this device at all which will make it seem quite impractical if you prefer adventures that are down deeper below the surface.

Long Recharge: Many Sea Doo vehicles will operate for up to 90 minutes which is not bad all things considered, but the recharge time is upwards of 16 hours. This can be problematic for long dives and for diving more than once during the day. The obvious solution is to invest in a backup battery so you can make the switch, but this does add to the overall cost of the device itself.

Hands Not Free: You will need both hands to operate the Sea Doo properly, which means that taking one hand off to reach for something while the device is in operation is not recommended. This is more of an annoyance than an issue since you can simply stop, then reach for something that is needed. However, there is nothing quite like the first time when you are operating the propulsion vehicle and take one hand off just like you do when steering a car and get an unexpected reaction instead.

Also, some models are a bit pricey and the warranty is rather limited. But that should not be too big a deterrent in terms of making your buying decision.


If you are a scuba diver that goes on frequent adventures in relatively shallow water, then the Sea Doo diver propulsion vehicle is for you. It’s easy to operate, extends your dive time considerably, and lets you explore far more of the undersea world than you could on your own. Since many of the most popular scuba diving areas are accessible down to 30 feet, this is a worthwhile investment for many divers.





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